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4. Alternative Solutions to the problems
After identifying that the connection has been lost between satisfying our customers and growing the business (Day P.12 Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service) it is imperative that we focus on some alternative solutions, finally providing the best course of action. To do this, we can refer to Exhibit 11, Factors Driving “Valued Customer” Perceptions. According to survey results from Exhibit 11; customers surveyed placed far more importance on friendlier, more attentive staff and faster, more efficient service, free cup after X number of visits and reduced prices. Personal treatment including remembering my name and order etc., are not considered attributes, which make the customer feel more valued. With this in mind below are some alternative courses of action to consider.

Firstly, to introduce a dedicated marketing team; identifying which problems we should focus on to effectively increase customer satisfaction. Market research is not lacking, however the ability to interpret this information is, into making the Starbucks customer (whoever that may be) satisfied. The marketing team will recognize that the customer base has changed and take suitable actions to capture and inspire this customer.

The second option could be to decrease the menu size and limit customizations allowable. This action would minimize the wait time for customers, although would pose a threat to company growth. Another option to increase customer satisfaction as specified in Exhibit 11; would be to introduce a free cup after x number of visits. This action would compete with a regular coffee company, however the majority of the Starbuck’s range exists in “Frappucino” style beverages. Finally, to increase staff training to ensure that staff are friendlier and more attentive, as this attribute also rated highly to make Starbuck customers’ feel more valued.

5. Final decision. Justify your final course of action.

With the...
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