Small-scale research

Topics: Auditory learning, Visual learning, Research Pages: 10 (2612 words) Published: March 27, 2014

University of East London
Royal Docks Business School

HR 3010
Research in Business and Management
Assignment Two
Semester A 2013/ 2014


What factors are important to UEL undergraduates to help them to learn effectively on their courses?

Prepared by:
Zeon Cheong Sze Keat
U1329 578

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
The ultimate goal of this research paper was to identify the factors to UEL undergraduates to help them learn effectively on their courses. In today’s world, education is considering one of the expensive investments. As the future world keep evolving, much emphasis on its curriculum and values of education to meet the requirements of industry. Several factors have been identified by carrying out by data collection techniques, followed by analysing the main findings and conclude the main factors affect the effectiveness of learning.

This research paper will be analysing several major factors that are important to UEL graduates to help them learn effectively on their course. These are the core factors and can be categorised as stated below;

Approaches learning and studies
The learning style preference of the learners
The importance between learning style and teaching method
Time spent on the studies
What resources have been used for research/ studies

Experience on the class
- The expertise of the lecturers/ tutors
- Sufficient opportunities to ask question in the class
- Question asked in the class will be answered
- Support/ back up for student’s studies
- Student is able to manage the workload

Lecture theatre, classrooms, library (furniture, lighting, cleanliness)

2. Methodology
This research paper consists two types of data collection techniques which can be categorised as quantitative data and qualitative data. The preferred method of data collection would be questionnaires, is to collect the data on the factors are important to UEL undergraduates to help them to learn effectively on their courses. And for the alternative method, interviews have been conducted for this research. Primary data was the major focus on this research paper, by applying quantitative (questionnaire) and qualitative (interview) methods. Secondary data was carried out to compliment the primary data sources. 2.1 Quantitative Data- Questionnaire

Questionnaire is one of the best-known data collection techniques and has been widely used approaches to investigate in the social sciences. (O’leary, 2013) Moreover, questionnaires will enable accurate data to be collected. Foddy (1994: 17) emphasize that “the question must be understood by the respondent in the way intended by the researcher and the answer given by the respondent must be understood by the researcher in the way intended by the respondent’. It means we need to ensure that the respondent decodes the feedback in the way we wanted. Hence, questionnaire has been chosen as the preferred method for quantitative data collection method.

There are three types of data variable distinguished by Dillman. These can be collected throughout the questionnaire; Opinion

These are the three important variables that will influence the results. Opinion variable is to get feedback from what respondents feel about something or their thought or believe whether is true or false. While the behaviour variable is to record what respondents do. (Dillman,2000) Attribute variable contains data recording respondents’ characteristics, including characteristics such as age, gender and so on, which already applied on the first section of the questionnaire. In addition, all of these variables have been used in the questionnaire.

Majority of the questions in the questionnaire are forced-choice questions. Moreover, several questions were asked in the open-ended questions, which allows researcher to collect the detailed answers from...
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