Small Business Management Case Study

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Small Business Management
Mini Case
1. Suchin’s main problem is that the international products are a huge hit in this location, while the American products are not selling as well as he expected. Suchin can do a couple things to solve this issue. The first would be to put more of a focus on promoting the American foods that his company sells. By altering marketing of sales and promotions of their American stock, they can bring a focus to that area and provide an incentive for consumers to purchase those items. They could have weekly/monthly sales of different products to generate some desire for shopping at Global Foods for all groceries. The second thing he could do would be to alter the contract he previously made in order to sell less American products or eliminate them from his inventory completely. He could take evidence of sales in order to back up his argument that there just isn’t a market for American food in his store for this location. 2. I wouldn’t recommend Suchin alter the marketing himself because he may not have the experience or education to pull it off successfully. Entrepreneurs do a great job of provided ideas that appeal to a specific market, however they may not be the right person for the job to promote it. By hiring someone specifically to take care of the marketing he wont have to change his focus from his day to day operations and the marketing will be done professionally. He could however take care of speaking with the person he initially made the contract with to renegotiate. He has all the access to monthly/yearly sales reports and can first hand explain why they would like to eliminate some or all American products from his inventory and provide proof of his reasoning. 3. Suchin is an entrepreneur as he came up with an idea in which he believed would serve a purpose. He seen a demand for international as well as American food and he followed through by opening up Global Foods supermarket. He would fulfill the role of founder when...
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