sleep and technology

Topics: Sleep, Anxiety, Mobile phone Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: October 31, 2014
There are many things that can interrupt our sleep in a negative way. But technology is probobly the worst. Our phones emit small amounts of radiation, none that can kill us, but harm the way we sleep and certain functions of the body. "Prolonged exposure to the radio frequency (RF) energy that cell phones emit adversely affects sleep and severely disrupts sleep patterns" (Better Health News). Even when our phones are not in their active state they can give off electromagnetic radiation that can put off our sleep up to 3 hours. Studies have shown and tested on both men and women that cell phone use before bed can Prolong sleep up to 3 hours. Before bed people shouldn't sleep right next to their phone, putting it farther away will decrease the chance of sleep disruption and any harm to your body. Wherever we go we have our phones, they now replace certain technologies that can easily be accessed through a smart phone such as the alarm clock, and with that we are now forced to sleep with our phones, That doesn't mean we should though. "Radiation interferes with our body’s ability to repair itself from any damage suffered throughout the day"(Prerna Talreja). the constant need to check our applications at night is extremely tempting, especially when it's right next to you. The more your on it the less sleep you can get and the greater chance of long term harm to your body. The radiation affects certain areas in which our bodies deal with injury or self maintenance. If our body can't repair itself from any damage, how can you live a healthy life. Cell phones are not good to be on before bed, serious conditions can occur such as sleep deprivation. The longer we put off sleep due to the constant distraction of modern technology, the more miserable our lives will become.

Anxiety is major result of sleep deprivation. When we are worried our bodies wear down due to large amounts of stress. Cell phones make life complicated, and how we constantly need to depend on them...
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