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Student Council is a representative body composed of students chosen by their classmates to organize social and extra-curricular activities. Student Leadership development is the process of involving students in meaningful ways both in and out the classroom. It is the time of the students to show their talents, skills, and interests while developing a new skills. Student council can be good leaders because they can influence the students to be a goo followers. And the ability to bring others into doing good together with actions of love, and service. They can serve as role models to us and also gives the students the chance to become a leader and inspire other people to achieve their goals in life.

Sudent Council in St. James Academy has played a important role as the communication connection between faculty and students. They also promotes a strong relationships between teachers and students.We all know that the student council has been involved in many initiative works. For example, different programs such as JS Prom, Pamaskong Handog or Christmas Fund Drive and the like.


Faculty/Teachers – The study will make teachers understand how effective the Student Council is. And share their opinions and suggestions in any activities that student council may create.

School Administration – As for the administrators, they can give their own opinions and suggestions for any activities of the student council.

Parents – Parents will be taught on how their children learn by the activities of student council. With this, they can understand their needs. Thus, this can help them cite points on how they can help as parents for their child.

Students – The students will become more aware about the student council in St. James Academy. Thus, this can help them cite points on how they can help as students in cooperating and participating in the activities or events to be given by...
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