Slam Dunk and Foot

Topics: Basketball, Slam dunk, Margo Dydek Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Matt McClendon
Ms. Anderson
English 4: College and Career Readiness
11 December 2012
Basketball Dunking-Above 6 Footers vs Below 6 Footers
There have been many basketball players above and below six foot, professional and non-professional who have dunked a basketball. But it is easier for a player above six foot to dunk. A dunk occurs when a player jumps in the air and manually throws the ball downward, while holding it, through the basket using either one or both hands over the rim. Once their hand or hands are over the rim with the ball they slam it down. In the men’s division, the tallest man to dunk a basketball was seven foot seven center Kenny George(Elias Sports Bureau).The shortest man to dunk a basketball was five foot three guard Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues (2000-2012 Sports Reference LLC). In the women’s division, the tallest woman to dunk was seven foot two center Malgorzata Dydek (Fox).The shortest woman to dunk a basketball was six foot four forward Candace Parker (Jeff Eisenberg). But does an athlete above six foot dunk better, or an athlete below six foot dunk better? It may look like it is easier for an athlete above six foot. But no one knows the actual truth about that. A player above six foot has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Their height is a major factor. Also their arm length and their long legs which enables them to get to the rim better. Some disadvantages might be that they are clumsy or simply have no muscle in their legs. But then again it might be easier for a player below six foot to dunk a basketball. They have speed, stamina, their ball handles might be better, and their takeoff might be a lot faster than a tall player’s takeoff. Their disadvantages might just be their lack of height. With all of these factors, it is hard to determine who dunking might be easier for. Again with all of these factors, the biggest one is the ball itself, if you do not play basketball or do not know anything about it, you may think “How does...

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