Symbol Project

Topics: High school, Basketball, Want Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Angel Diaz AMDG
Mr. CalucchiaChristian Scriptures, Period 2
October 16, 2014
Symbol Project
My symbol is a drawing of a basketball, with an assortment of colors and images, and even some writing. My symbol is very straightforward and describes me very well. I chose a basketball because it’s my favorite sport and it’s my passion. These pictures and quotes in my symbol, show that I’m an athlete, due to the basketball, the Damian Lillard quote, and the motivational quotes. These characteristics in my symbol help identify what kind of person I am.

A normal person who would look at my symbol and say, “He picked it because it’s a basketball, and its his favorite sport,” is partially correct. The reason why that person would not be 100% correct is because I picked this object because it’s also round. As a basketball player, or any athlete, you want to be as well ‘rounded’ as possible, so that you can be capable of doing great things on and off the court. I would be willing to share these thoughts with anyone, because many people get the same idea of a basketball, it’s just something you need to play the sport. I would definitely not be afraid of sharing this, because I compare myself to a basketball, because no matter how hard things get you will always bounce back up. There’s one thing on my symbol that might shock some people, but it’s the reality and it’s who I am. I may not have a very strong belief in God, or any other religion, but I do like a verse from the book of Psalms in chapter 37, from verses one to three. It makes me want to be a better person and just become and do more in life. I also have a drawing of a cross, made out of needles with the quote, “Only the Strong Survive,” along side the cross. This quote and image isn’t there because of my belief in God, or any other religion but its there to show my work ethic and what kind of personality and mentality I own. I also wrote the words, “Verb Way” in all black, on my...
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