single sex schools

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Single sex schools fail to improve learning
A single sex school is a phenomenon emerged in the last few years to improve education in the world where a lot of schools were separating the sexes. It is an important phenomenon because it concerns fundamental moral and educational, social and upbringing questions about the way we use to learn our children. This essay will consider arguments for having single sex schools and point to other people viewpoints. It will then put forward reasons for increasing the both gender schools to improve learning, sociability and increase the student grades.

It has been argued that single sex schools can improve learning where behavioral issues promptly subsided, attendance increased and the boys participated more actively (the advertiser, 31.8.2012) and in multi sex schools classes girls are scared of raising their hands to answer the questions because they are afraid of giving the answer wrong and the boys laughing at them (miahuang, 11, 2010).But in multi sex schools learning improved .Where it turns out that there is competition between both sexes in the classroom and this shows increasing the level of memorization of the student. Most importantly, single-sex schooling decreases boys’ and girls’ opportunities to learn from and about each other. Boys and girls must learn to work together, and the classroom is the ideal setting for such practice because it is both purposeful and supervised. (Valerie Strauss, 6, 4, 2012).

Most of parents think that single sex schools teach their children the proper social and religious education. But the multi sex schools can improve the social ability of the student, where the real world is made up of males and females: "Single-sex schools also run the risk of retarding teens' social development. Sooner or later, members of both sexes need to develop the social skills that will serve them as adults (McCollum 19). People who graduated from single-sex schools...
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