Single Parents Serving in the Military

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"Single Parents in the United States Military"

The single parent in the Unites States military endure many challenges. With the obligation to serve their country 24 hours a day, they intern have to service the needs of their own family. On a day-to-day practice, single parents play dual roles and have to multitask so that all children are guided in the needed direction such as, homework, sporting activities and social programs. The single parents may be comprised of both male and female and the sole provider(, 2008).

A well-designed family care plan is comprehensive, detailed, and takes account of different types of military service, but more importantly, it provides for security and safety of family members. Entering the service is also a decision made by a Servicemember as one parent to pay terrific benefits and support that parents can access American Servicemembers Military (Williams, 2001).

The military single parent must know how to get advice and get answers. An important thing to remember as a family, and as a military parent, is to have a plan. The Servicemember who is a mother or father and becomes a single parent while serving in the reserves or on active duty service should ensure they have a strong, well thought out family care plan (Williams, 2001). Sometimes, you are at a duty station, your children will be with a member of the family while on deployment. It details the wishes of service members (Williams, 2001). Although there is a lot of programs that provide support for lone parents in the military Armed Forces, there are also rules that apply to Servicemembers called in the field of deployment.

Upon accession to the author free room must make arrangements and award custody of their children to someone else. Working to provide support in the Army of the United States is a worthwhile concern for many people (Williams, 2001). A person...

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