Military Families

Topics: Question, Working class, Rhetorical question Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: December 20, 2012
“Military Families” BCR
Frank Schaeffer used rhetorical appeal in “Military Families” to have his audience believe it’s wrong to have the upper class and leaders of America make decisions on war and not be a part of it. Frank uses anecdotes and rhetorical questions in the form of ethos, so that people understand what it’s is like to be a working class citizen and have to worry about their family members in war.

Frank uses anecdote as a rhetorical technique to put imagery into the audience’s mind and have them imagine what Frank’s son went through during the war. For example in his speech he says this. “From March to December of 2003, my son, a corporal in the United States Marine Corps, was facing roadside bombs and random bullets in Afghanistan.” This anecdote is used to catch the audience’s attention and make them realize what a soldier has to go through on behave of Congress’ decisions. This anecdote has credibility because he’s the father of a soldier and he knows what his sons go through. Frank also uses rhetorical questioning to draw in the audience and have them ask themselves the same thing. For example Franks asks, “Where is their practical solidarity with the working people defending them?” Franks asks this question to the audience so that they realize the members of Congress don’t acknowledge the fact that the working class is what defends them and that they are in no position those people of working class in danger before their own family. This rhetorical question has credibility because Frank is a man of working class and he believes he shouldn’t have to worry about his son’s safety because the leaders of America won’t put their own family in war either. Frank uses credibility so that people can understand firsthand how it feels to be in the working class and having to worry about a family member’s life. Using credibility will have people start to see how unjust it is for Congress to be sending troops to war that belong to families, instead of...
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