Singapore Airlines - Recommendation to Management

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Recommendations to Management
While performing the SWOT analysis, the several key issues are to be recommended to the management. These recommendations are intended to assist the Singapore Airlines in in keeping its pre-eminent position as it continue strives to be one of the best airline companies in the Today's airline industry. 1)The Singapore Airlines needs to keep its superiority and stay on top of the competition in the international market, despite the bad times associated with a global economy or strategies implemented by main competitors. The Singapore Airlines needs to thoroughly understand the plans being pursued by the British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Virign Atlantic in improving the comfort and quality of service it provides to its customers. The Singapore Airlines needs to continue differentiate itself by examining the strengths/weaknesses, and key points of these and other competitive airlines. By dominating the global regions it will create a greater potential for foreign investments, allowing the Singapore Airlines to sustain their quality efforts. 2)Singapore Airlines should remain competitive by providing better service and comfort to customers as in the long- term the market will grow. To keep their reputation as one of the leading airlines in the world for providing the best quality to their customers and to remain completive by providing better service to their business customers, Singapore airline should proceed with the installation of new space bed in 45 aircraft in Raffles Class as planned for a total of $100 million.

.British Airways were the pioneers with the introduction of space beds. To keep the Singapore Airlines to continue be a leader in providing the greatest comfort service to customers, it is our recommendation that Singapore Airline should continue with the installation of the space beds as this will keep them on top of the game with their main competitors. Furthermore, for an airline's long term Business Class...
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