Simple Project Proposal Cover Letter

Topics: Management, San Francisco, Management consulting Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: August 3, 2006
Dear Ms. Helen:

In response to request for proposal, the SF Bay Area Waste Management Consulting company is submitting the enclosed proposal.

In your request for proposal you stated that Red Dragon Recycling currently provides a variety of waste and disposal services primarily to residential, commercial and Industrial, and contractors for waste transfer and recycling. The request for proposal also stated that you are currently performing most if not all of your business management functions manually. As a result of the rising cost of fuel, salaries and employee benefits, you need a way to manage your business processes more efficiently so fewer people are needed to process reservation, scheduling and payments.

The SF Bay Area Waste Management Consulting company has over 10 years of experience in the waste management field. We found ourselves in a similar situation to the one you describe in your request for proposal. As a result we hired several programmers and business analysts to determine how we could streamline our business practices to operate more efficiently and lower operating costs without having to raise prices or reduce services.

The result of this effort was the development of our award winning SF Bay Area Waste Management Consulting business management software package. This system will allow Red Dragon Recycling to reserve their containers and setup the delivery date and pay for the service completely online. This system as well allow customer having reservation which makes Red Dragon a 24/7 business without having to add any additional employees. Red Dragon Recycling can track all containers and trucks through an inexpensive GPS module and get real time updates on their locations. In addition, SF Bay Area Waste Management Consulting accounting module that can be integrated with an existing accounting packages or used as a stand alone system fully integrated with SF Bay Area Waste Management Consulting other software.

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