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Topics: Brigham Young University, Investment, Finance Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: April 18, 2011
For me, life is ventures. Fidelity Investment is the place for me because Fidelity Investment values and fills with challenges, diversity, change and competitions. I values challenges ever since I was a little girl when I jumped into the deep end with my tiny life ring trying to learn swimming. Take the challenge, isolate, analyze and resolve the problems. When I interned with Communication Bank of China, I conducted contracts assigned between the bank and more than 30 small business owners. Through the marketing research for more than 2000 shop owners I conducted personally, I found the real obstacle for the new product- a special designed credit card machine/ telephone for shop –to be installed in the store was the verification and application process which the shop owners didn’t have time to do as the bank required to. Thus, after talking to my supervisor, I conducted a meeting which included the general manager or the representative from the union the small business owners joined, representatives from the bank, attorney to notarize the process and the application to settle the individual contracts in groups or a group contract. I had 30 contracted signed in my ten days on that project. The bank finally successfully expanded its clients to more than 1500. I appreciate diversity. Working in a diversity environment suits me. I am not only in love with finance but also like to know new technologies, biology, literatures, medicine and designs. I especially enjoyed the time when I was helping my sister to accomplish her design for her final fashion runway for graduation. I cherish change. That’s why I applied for a selective student exchange program to study in Brigham Young University. I treasure competitions which lead me to choose finance especially investment banking – the most competitive filed in the world. All the above combines and leads to one answer- Fidelity Investment. I couldn’t wait to explore and live my life there and wonder whether you can...
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