Similarities between Nick and Smoke in Carl Hiaasen's Scat

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Nick and Smoke Having Similarities?
If you read the book Scat, you could probably tell me at least 5 differences that Nick and Smoke have. Scat basically is about a boy named Nick and his friend Marta that have to find their mean missing teacher named Mrs. Starch. Mrs. Starch mysteriously disappears when the students at Truman Middle School take a field trip to Black Vine Swamp, and a fire starts while Mrs. Starch was looking for a missing inhaler. Nick and Smoke are two of the main characters in Scat that are kind of the same because they both have a father/son relationship, they both love the outdoors, and they both hate Mrs. Starch. As I was saying, they both dislike Mrs. Starch. Nick hates Mrs. Starch because she picks on students to answer hard questions. Smoke hates Mrs. Starch because she made fun of him by telling the whole class that he had to type a five-hundred page essay about his pimples so she can laugh at the essay. Later on in Scat, a new substitute teacher named Dr. Wendell Waxmo comes and the student decide that Mrs. Starch has to be found. Another similarity they share is that they both have a father/son relationship. A theme in Scat is the father/son relationships characters have. Nick and Smoke both have a different and unique father/son relationship. Captain Gregory Waters, Nick’s dad, likes to be with his family but is far away fighting in Iraq. While Smoke’s father, Duane Scrod Sr., lives with Smoke but does not really care for Smoke because he thinks Smoke is old enough to care for himself. Nick and Smoke also like going outside rather than playing video games or watching T.V. like most other boys. The book Scat takes place in the Florida Everglades. When Nick went to the Everglades for a field trip, he realizes he loves looking for animals such as the very exotic and extremely rare, Florida Panther. In the beginning of the book, Smoke does not really like to explore the wilderness. Later on in the book, Smoke changes and likes to...
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