Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse

Topics: Child abuse, Abuse, Suffering Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: May 19, 2012
Danielle Smith September 2011 Communication Level 2
There are 4 main types of child abuse which are Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Emotional abuse and Neglect. It is important for adults to know what signs to look out for in order to recognise that something may be wrong. Below are some of the possible signs and symptoms to look out for. Physical Abuse

* Wearing clothes that cover most of the body, even in hot weather * Self harming
* Running away
* Fear of physical contact
* Aggressive behaviour
* Unexplained injuries
* Fear of medical help or attention
* Unlikely excuses or refusal to explain injuries
* Admitting they are being physically abused
* Fear of suspected abuser
Sexual Abuse

* Being isolated of withdrawn
* Regressing to younger behaviour patterns
* Drawing sexually explicit pictures
* Being overly affectionate or knowledge of a sexual nature * Starting to wet again
* Becoming worried if clothing is removed
* Medical problems such as itching and pain in the genitals * Personality changes
* Signs of depression or self harm
* Running away
* Lack of trust or not wanting to be alone with certain individuals Emotional Abuse

* Extreme fear of new situations
* Overreaction to mistakes
* Speech disorders
* Self punishment or mutilation
* Self depreciation
* Extreme passive or aggressive behaviour
* Strange behaviour such as rocking or twisting hair

* Poor personal hygiene
* Weight loss
* Always hungry
* Dirty clothing
* Finds it hard to make relationships
* Tiredness and lack of concentration
* Disruptive behaviour
It is also possible a child can suffer different kinds of abuse at the same time. Some children will show no outward signs of being abused and will suffer in...
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