Significance of Health Care Ethics in the Zamboanga Crisis and Its Rehabilitation

Topics: Nursing, Ethics, Health care Pages: 2 (858 words) Published: January 14, 2014
Significance of Health Care Ethics in dealing with the
Zamboanga Crisis and its Rehabilitation

Health Care Ethics is also known as Medical Ethics or Bioethics. It is the set of moral principles, beliefs and values that guide us in making choices about the medical or nursing care. Its core is a person’s sense or right and wrong and the beliefs about the rights we possess or duties we practice towards other people.

Being in a nursing profession is such a huge responsibility. We render care to every human being who needs our help regardless their race, nationality, background, socioeconomic status and diagnoses –which means, we not only render care to people who we consider normal, but we also render care to the ones who cause burden to humanity. In this case, the members of Moro National Liberation Front or MNLF. In all honesty, there was a time where I suppressed myself from knowing more information as to why these rebels caused this kind of crisis in my beloved city. All I know is that it is an issue between them and the government. Many civilians were and are still affected. Many soldiers have sacrificed their lives just to do their duty and protect the city. And there were many rebels who were killed as well. Being a part of the health care team, it is our duty and responsibility to render care to those who are in need of our help –even to the rebels who burnt houses, made the hostages as their human shield, killed so many civilians and soldiers and ruined the beautiful name of my beloved city.

This crisis became a test of what we are ought to do and what we want to do. For sure many who are from the health care team would not want to render their care to the rebels, but it is in our duty to serve the ones in need of us. We are stuck between doing what we want to do –which is to just leave the rebels bleed to death—or do what we are ought to do –which is to give care for them. We are ought to treat them like a normal person who needs the help of...
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