Siblings Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: Twin, Difference, Talk radio Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Most siblings have a lot of things in common, like face, hair style, and color skin. However, my sister and I are very different from each other. Although we were born as twins, we still differ in many ways. Once people get to know us they realize that we are very different in personalities and hobbies. I have often wondered how we ended up so different.

As twins, we have many similarities in our appearances. My sister and I both normal size, and have the same height. Furthermore, we both have brown hair, brown eyes, and same face structure. Our round faces are almost identical. We also wear the same sizes in clothes because of our same figure. Our tiny hands and chubby feet look exactly alike. Moreover, our styles of fashion are also similar, including baggy t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops. This similar appearance was a problem growing up, because we would steal each others’ clothes. But we use our same style in fashion to our advantage; we both always have each other to go shopping with. When the two of us are talking our voices come out sounding the same. People are sometimes confused on what twin is talking. If the both of us had our backs turned to you there would be no way in telling which one was who. One main thing we share together is each other friendship. I can go to my sister with anything. She is my best friend. She also feels the same about our friendship.

Even though most of our appearances are similar, our personalities are completely opposite. My sister is a very hyper person, but I’m a calm and laid-back person. I like to have everything planned out and organized. While my sister never plans anything and just goes with the flow. She is very selfish and rarely puts others before herself. She is a very social person and loves to talk; however, I have never been a talkative person and I like to keep to myself. I’m not a very picky person and don’t care if I don’t get my way; however, my sister always has to have her way. She is...
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