The Outsiders Compare And Contrast Essay

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In the book The Outsiders written by S.E. Hinton, Ponyboy had a few things similar to me. For example, we are honest to our friends. We both go to a good school that will give us a good education. And the last thing is we both have a brother. I will also be talking about how we are different in these paragraphs. I do not smoke and Ponyboy does. Ponyboy lost his parents in a car accident. And Ponyboy is in a gang, and I am not. Even though Ponyboy and I have several differences, we still have similarities within each other.
Ponyboy and I have a few things in common. Such as, we both have brothers. I have a brother named Logan, and Ponyboy has two brothers named Darry and Sodapop. Infact Ponyboy is the youngest of the family, which is 14 years old. I am also the youngest of the family which, I am 13 years old. Our brothers look after eachother, and they all protect...

First things first, I do not smoke! I do not understand why Ponyboy smokes, it is bad for you, and he is an underage smoker. Ponyboy smokes at the age of 14 when you are suppose to be smoking at the age of 21, which there is a big jump of years right there. Secondly, Ponyboy’s parents died in a car accident sadly. His parents died 8 months before The Outsiders started. Fortunately, my parents are not dead, and I am extremely sad for Ponyboy because I could not imagine going through childhood without my Mom or Dad. Last but not least, Ponyboy is in a gang with Johnny, Darry, Dally, Sodapop and Two Bit. I never in my life been in a gang, and to be honest I do not want to. The only thing that I do that is close to a gang is dirt biking and cross country. Ponyboy does not have a choice to not be in the gang because his parents died, and they take care of eachother. If I had meat Ponyboy in real life, I think we would be good friends. These are the similarities and the differences I have in common with...
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