Should Women Work

Topics: Family, Mother, High school Pages: 1 (442 words) Published: September 10, 2011
People had believed that women had to stay at home for household purpose in Eastern society. To do work or even to achieve higher education was forbidden. Even, in the Western society, they had been expected to be stay-at-home mother after leaving high school. Nowadays, with competitive economic era, women have been chances more than her grandmother had. They have considered as one of the labour force in recent days. So, women should go to work because of the following statements. On the very first, women have abilities enough to work as men have. It is easily found that the recent women have handled strongly the fields of industries such as Economy, Sciences, Music etc. which were demanded for only men in the previous days. Next, women take less time to take care of their family. The science is gradually progressed days by days. It brought back a lot of benefits to the human-beings. With many high-tech machines, women would take less time than as before to do the household. They would collect enough time to make their favorite as working a job. I feel that these days it is important for a woman to be financially stable and independent. It is important to have some income of your own so that you are not always dependant on your husband’s wealth. It is also a refreshing change to step out of the house and take your mind off the issues at home. At the same time I also feel it is essential to strike a balance between work and family. The family should not be ignored at the cost of the job. One of important problems that made women stayed at home robustly is to look after children. Fathers were supported to have gone out to work to earn money for spending in families. Thus, mothers were the closely relationships to children. If mothers also went out to work, this would make the children lack of love from families, and then cause the children develop some bad habits that parents didn't correct them in time. However, instead of staying at home in full time, parents...
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