Should War Be Glorified

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Should War Be Glorified
War has been going for a long time now. It has become a very important topic in the world. War is a way of resolving lots of political issues and differences. With people dying and being away from their families for long periods of time while fighting for their countries, lots of people are starting to glorification of war. Some feel it may never end and seems pointless at times. What are we fighting for? In the earlier centuries war was manly over freedom. Freedom is very important in life and the war was understandable. But now we fight for what? We have freedom but people still are out their fighting for our country. I personally don’t understand what we are at war for, but I do honor and support those who are risking their life and their families. I also feel for those who join the military just to have job and support their families and somehow end up being throwing into the middle of the war. I think lots of people have now become scared to join the military due to the fact they are afraid they could end up at war. I love my country but I couldn’t risk my life for it. Most soldiers receive the most glory when they are killed. I don’t think a family should have to their soldier leave the house not knowing if they will return home again. I think killing others should not really be glorified but, most definitely respected. I mean risking your life for country has to be respected but what about the incident people that are sometimes killed in these wars, should you be glorified for that. So that’s what I think of the war but it is many of different ways to look at the art of war and the effects it has only lots of people and their views on the situations.
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