How to Tell a True War Story

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War can be defined as "an active struggle between competing entities. It's truly hard to tell who is right or wrong during a war. Both sides are fighting for what they believe in and what is true to their heart. In the end there is always two things promised – destruction and death. These two objects can explain the result in every facet of war from the physical to emotional.

In "How to Tell a True War Story" O'Brien explores the relationship between the events during a war and the art of telling those events. O'Brien doesn't come to a conclusion on what is a true war story. He writes that one can't generalize the story as well. According to O'Brien, war can be anything from love and beauty to the most horrid thing ever experienced. The story doesn't even have to have a meaning. Evidence of both descriptions of war leading to death and destruction being used is how O'Brien tells of Curt Lemons death. He tells it as a love story with the scenery being described as being beautiful. In addition to O'Brien referencing it to a love story he also includes the gruesome details of how Curt Lemon died. These stories not only shape the listeners perception and attitude of the war, but it also affects the one telling the story. Some stories are true and others are rather embellished. The storyteller, speaking from the point of being in the war, has usually been through the most traumatic events ever in their life. Does the storyteller even know the truths of the stories? Having to deal with such things, more times than often, the soldiers have emotionally died and their personal self has been destroyed. This is similar to what happened to Krebs in Hemingway's "Soldier's Home". Krebs has returned home to find that it is not that everybody and the world around him has changed, but he was the one that had changed. He has fought in some of the worst wars there were and he didn't want to come back home. Krebs dreaded coming back to the states, and would have...
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