Should This Team Be Saved

Topics: Marketing, North America, Good Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: September 13, 2011
Should This Team be Saved

By Hollis Heimbouch

Peter Markles was hired by Vigor Skin Care to turn around the deteriorating business unit; it was a division of one of the largest packaged consumer goods companies in North America. The challenge Peter had to make was to rejuvenate the business, and at first Peter was speechless. He knew he had to put together a team in order to pull this off. He got together with Sandy and Josh. For four years they worked together and turned Vigor’s fortunes around. Now the new product line they developed had been launched and Peter was now faced with new challenges in the areas of manufacturing and distribution. I believe that Peter should stick with the team he established if they were able to pull together the new Vigor they will be able to create the issues they are dealing with now. He needs to commit to making the more mature Vigor work and in the same way he did before. They will need to change up the leadership approach to reflect the new challenges or he will come to find out he does not have the right kind of team for the job. I think he needs to look out in the company and throw out new ideas to fellow employees and see if anyone strikes his challenges. Some one in the office may know how to help but has never been asked for input. Sometimes a lot of good people are overlooked due to the department they are in. Where I am employed when we are thinking of developing a new product or procedure we ask for input in all areas and then take the management team and the feedback and prepare for the launch. A lot of times the ideas we use are with employees most companies wouldn’t include. I feel that the making of the new product is much harder then actually launching the new product. The distributing and manufacturing of the product would be much easier for me then to come up with a new product. I think with the three partners he has they will be able to lead into the direction they need to be. All new...
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