Johnson and Johnson Diversity Plan

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Diversity Plan of Johnson and Johnson

I. Overview of company

Johnson and Johnson company has a long history, which was founded in 1886 by Robert Wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson in Brunsewick, New Jersey. Until now, Johnson and Johnson has 250 branches in over 57 countries, and it has nearly a hundred consumer brands with thousands of products sold in over 157 countries. The products are including medication, first aid supplies, skin care, bath, baby accessories, and so on. Departments inside the company are including Research and Development, Sales Department, After-sale Service, Human Resource Department, Accounting Department, and it has supplier industries of products raw material and products packaging, and so on. Obviously, our company is a huge organization, which contains hundreds and thousands of employees in the U.S. and subsidiaries in other countries. They come from different cultural backgrounds; they are whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asian Americans and so on; they are different genders and different ages. Our company ranks in 68th of the 100 best companies and we aim at keeping good public image. Consequently, carrying out a considerate diversity plan can make the employees be loyal to the company and work efficiently.

II. President’s Statement

Our company has founded for over 125 years, and over hundreds of plants in all over the world. We are proud of being in such a big family. With the ever-accelerating economic market, the upgrade of information and products calls for changes in the company strategy to keep our company competitive. We provide services such as consumer products, medical devices, prescription products, and diagnostics, and there is always demand of high quality. We promise to provide our consumers trustworthiness and reliability, so that we not only need employees who are professional in products innovations and quality control, but also build up our company’s culture to make our employees and consumers loyal.

We have to take responsibility of our employees; we are concerned about our consumers’ needs. We have been long promoting our workforce diverse, we embrace employees of different gender, different races, different religion, or different age. We are respecting our employees’ dignity and recognize their values. Making better compensation and working environment for our employees will always be our task. We will take steps to make sure our workplace is open and merit based, and provide equal opportunities for every employee. We accept and respect our employees’ complaints and suggestions, and make great progress of our company.

Therefore, we set up rules of recruiting and managing diversity, gather competitive personnel in our family, work according to the principles and fulfill our goals and promises.

III. Justification

Workplace diversity has become increasingly important in American companies. It is efficient for managers to know about how to work in a diverse environment, since a well manage diverse workplace can contribute to increase employees’ sense of belonging and productivity. Moreover, a diverse working environment can enhance our company to catch up with the diverse world of consumers’ needs, increase the relations with other communities, improve the ability of coping with changes, increase organizational productivity, and enhance creativity of the company.

Having employees of diverse background can build up a talent warehouse, which consists of people of different races, classes, religions, ages, and political viewpoints. With such a big talent resources, personnel of diverse background have various experiences and skills, so that they can provide various ideas of how to succeed in a new market, they can also align and be competitive to work on the complex and comprehensive projects.

Managing diversity in workplace is a necessity...
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