Should the Us Use a Preemptive Strike on Iran?

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Nuclear proliferation, World War II Pages: 4 (1506 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Michael Mott
Cramer PS 205
Nov. 21. 2012

Should the United States use a Preemptive strike on Iran?

Iran has been trying to develop a nuclear program for some time now, and the United States has repeatedly told Iran that they cannot do that. If Iran refuses to comply with the United States, should the United States use a Preemptive strike on Iran? There are three options for the US, a preemptive strike on Iran, living with a nuclear Iran, or negotiate a deal so they can have a nuclear program for civilian use only. According to Bill Keller, these are the only options that the US has.[1]

The first option is that the United States should use a preemptive strike on Iran in order to halt their nuclear program. After the Cold War there was a treaty put in place so nothing like the Cold War would ever happen again, the treaty was called The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. There were a few nuclear states refused to sign this treaty like Pakistan, India, and Israel. Later North Korea withdrew from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, and started to test out nuclear weapons. The fear is that Iran will follow in there footsteps in order to get weapons of mass destruction.[2] This is something that the United States cannot afford to have happen, because of the conflict between Israel and Iran. During the cold war, Israel declared its self a state and then both the USSR and the US recognized them in hopes that they would be able to get them to join their side. The USSR thought that they would get Israel to join their side, but they choose western democracy and the US. Most of the other Arab countries around Israel were on the side of the USSR, and when Israel chose the western way of government, the Arab countries started to hate Israel.[3] The bad blood between Iran and Israel was not always there, in fact the use to be allies. In the 1960’s, Iran, a country that is prominently Shi’I and Persian, has had a hostile history toward the prominently Arab...
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