Should The Obama Generation Drop Out ?

Topics: Higher education, High school, Academic degree Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: March 9, 2014
When it comes to embarking on post secondary education the views of it’s importance and relevance is controversial. In Murray’s Op-Ed piece, “Should The Obama Generation Drop Out”, he believes a college education is unnecessary. I, however disagree with Murray’s notion. College is necessary according to a person’s career choice and it’s requirements.

Throughout my middle and high school years, both my peers and I were strongly encouraged to go to college. I was not only urged by teachers, but my family members also. It is intriguing how closely connected that is after Murray discussed how college is promoted and organized. Growing up, I was taught that college would be the door of opportunity to a better life guaranteed. While college maybe unnecessary for some, it is necessary for others. As for myself, I believe college is necessary in order for me to advance towards my career in Journalism. Upon my high school graduation, I had decided to go straight into the workforce. At the time I preferred to have a job making money instead of going to school losing money. Quickly, I learned that I was still losing money even though I was working. I was working for survival, just to "make ends meet”, and in opposite direction of the career I desired. That experience alone encouraged me to pursue my college education even more because I knew I could not make it without it. Nowadays a bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite for jobs in journalism, regardless of the fact that one may have the experience or talent. My purpose for being in school is to get a deeper understanding of the media industry and career I aspire. The only way to attain the knowledge I require is by going to college.

Murray’s notion is to repudiate the bachelor’s degree as a job qualification. Therefore, focusing more on vocational training and certification exams and carefully selecting the applicant who possesses the acquired skills. He quotes, “It’s what you can do that should count when you apply...
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