Should Sports Be a Religion

Topics: Religion, Stadium, Ritual Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Should sports be a religion?
If someone came up to me in the middle of a street and said should spots be a religion. My first instinct would be no. but is it? We should look at the fact that so many people fellow it and physically do it, that maybe it could be a religion. It has the structure of a religion with Rules, fans and merchandise. Sports in the recent decade have become so popular that it has become a substitute for religion. A sport is similar to churches with stadiums, ovals and TV’s so why should it be treated differently to a religion? Psychologists at Murray state university have been investigating in this connection between sports and religion. Daniel Wann, the project leader of this investigation say’s “Sports is a practically a ceremony like all other religions. The similarities between sports and religion are striking. Considering that sport and religion have faith, worship, ritual, dedication, sacrifice, commitments, sprit, prayer, suffering, festival and celebration”. It odd to compare religion to sports but as noticed, there is a hidden connection between each other if we look at the facts. If ritual may be entertaining, then entertaining as experienced in a sports stadium may be ritualistic. Fan wear team colours and carry its #1 finger inflatable teams wear, icons and mascots. If you have every gone down to the Canberra stadium, you have notice the chants, encouragements, handclapping, booing the other team and doing the waves. The singing of anthems and themes songs is like to the singing of a hymn in a church. Sports fans are fairly religious, according to research. It is also curious that as religious attendance rates have dropped off in recent decades, interest in sport spectatorship has sky rocketed. We should consider that research has taken away several stereotypes about sports fans that seem incompatible with religiosity. Fans are not lazy, nor are they particularly prone to violence. Some scholars believe that fans are highly...
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