Should Sex Education Be Taught in Schools?

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Name: Quach Tran Trong Minh

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* Look at the issue of global warming from several different disciplinary perspectives – economics, climatology, sociology, political science, agronomy. What might be some questions that each discipline could contribute to our understanding of global warming?


Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth's near-surface air and oceans since the mid-20th century and its projected continuation. Global warming has become perhaps the most complicated issue facing world leaders because it is related many perspectives in our life like economics, climatology, sociology, political science, and agronomy. Understanding the relationship between these perspectives can help us understand more about global warming.

Firstly, global warming involves economics aspect. World economic in recently decade had great advance. Our lives are improved better. However, several industries play a key part in economic such as metallurgy, building industry, chemical industry or industries burn fossil fuel, coal, natural gas, etc are the main source of air pollution. It produces a large amount of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide which are the main component of greenhouse gases (factor causes global warming). On the contrary, global warming also affects economic. Climate change and global warming can bring a change in gross world product; it may be plus or minus a few percent. But, even small changes in gross world product can bring about comparatively large changes in national economies. The most directly affected industry is the insurance industry. A 2004 report by the Association of British Insurers noted that changing weather increases risks for households and property by 2-4% per year and the claims for storm and flood compensations in the UK had increased twofold over the period 1998-2003, weighing against the past five years. As a result, the insurance premiums have become so high that in some areas it will be nearly impossible for some to afford flood and storm insurance.

Secondly, global warming involves climatology aspect. There are two major ways that global warming is affecting the climate. The first way is alarming rise in sea levels predicted. The average temperature of the Earth has been on a steady uphill climb ever since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when societies began burning fossil fuels for energy. This greenhouse effect is melting the polar ice caps at an alarming rate. Some experts believe the Arctic could be ice-free within five years, raising sea levels by several feet worldwide and putting a huge damper on your next beach vacation. The second effect is more catastrophic weather events. In 2008 alone, more than 220,000 people lost their lives from natural disasters. Hurricanes, as well as droughts, floods, wildfires, and heat waves, have become more common all over the world, wreaking.

Thirdly, global warming also involves sociology. Increasing amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and global warming could also lead to more health concerns. As temperatures increase towards the poles, similar to farmland, insects and other pests migrate towards Earth's poles. These insects and pests could be allowed to migrate up to 550 Km or 550 miles.  Some insects carry diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.  Thus, an increase in these particular insects and pests closer to the poles results in an increase in these diseases. The most obvious health effect is directly from the heat itself.  With an increase in heat waves, there will be more people who will suffer from heatstroke, heart attacks and other ailments aggravated by the heat. Hot conditions could also cause smoke particles and noxious gases to linger in the air and accelerate chemical reactions that generate other pollutants. This leads to an increase in risk of respiratory...
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