“Should people convicted of minor crimes do community service rather than go to prison?”

Topics: Criminal justice, Prison, Punishment Pages: 2 (342 words) Published: October 4, 2013
Over the centuries, punishments for different criminals are subject of great consideration. Weather it’s a punishment for a serious crime like murder, or a low intensity crime like abusing a man, there is always a hot debate, among law makers, social workers & layman citizens. People convicted for minor crimes are treated the same way as for major crimes convicts. I firmly believe, criminals with minor crimes should have a different law & enviornment for punishment. Although, it’s a matter of hot debate, yet I am illustrating some facts.

To begin with, a great amount of tax paid by civilized citizens, is utilized to maintain prisons for these convicts. Letting minor convicts to do community jobs, being a part of community, will help to reduce the over-burdened cost. Furthermore, the saved money can be utilized for well fare of society.

Secondly, community can be benefited by aquiring & utilizing a free source of human energy to fulfil society needs. For example, these convicts can be punished or forced to repair damage roads, provide care to patients in the hospitals, maintain old age homes or orphan houses. However, these are possibilities of low quality or service but that can be controlled by providing necessary trainings & supervising their work by authorities.

In addition, minor crime convicts will be living with their families, as a part of community, which could help them to become nobel citizens of country.

Last but not least, this technique can help these convicts to devekop the will & strength, to survive in the society after their trial or prisonment. Enviornment in the prison force or motivate these minor offenders to become real big criminals, whilst having punishment within community can put a barrier for such consequences.

To summarize it all, I would recommend to enforce this law in near future, so that both community & convicts families as well, can be benefited. It could be a beginning of new era of humanity, where law & order...
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