should homosexuals be allowed to mary?

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Should Homosexuals be allowed to mary.

Homosexuals should have the right to be happy and mary whoever they want for the gender of the person has nothing to do with the happiness you feel. I believe that we do not chose who we love our heart choses it for us, rather it is the glimpse in someone's eye that warms your heart or the wrinkles in their smile, we love them for one reason and one reason only because they make us happy they define who we are in a way that no one else can not even ourselves. Rather we chose the opposite sex or the same sex love is one of a kind sometimes the same sex is able to give you all of the things you thought were missing. Love is capable of so many things and as long as someone is happy it should not matter the gender they chose. "It's not gay rights it's human rights".

I believe that gay marriage should be allowed. It's pathetic how our nation over came segregation of race, yet segregate those who prefer the same sex. They are humans just like us, we all bleed the same and everything; and for those that who say "it's against God" doesn't the bible say that divorce is a sin, where do you see females getting stoned to death for getting a divorce today in society. I believe in God, but half of the morals in the bible are not even followed even the catholics who say that being gay is a sin. God love and excepts all his children, he sees the good in everyone; gay, straight, black, white, hispanic, or whatever you chose to be he loves you all the same.

If people really are in love why do they not have the right to be with the one they love till death do they part? People should just except the fact that love is for everyone, we are all human and deserve happiness, love is love and it's okay to be different. We as a culture may not agree with the same sex engaging in a sexual manner; However we are not in any position to judge them for loving someone that their heart has chosen. Just because the majority of the population is against the same sex marriage doesn't mean we should deny them the right to be happy like the rest of the population. Why do we have to continue to critique individuals and make them feel less than what they are, homosexuals have a hard enough time being honest about their sexuality without society degrading them and making them feel as thought they should not love or have a right to be loved we are not all the same for a reason and that reason is because God has made each and every one of us different and unique in our own way.

How is this so controversial? I've seen the arguments about gay marriage and I understand the publics concern. But really to throw the "Bible" in the mix is injustice, the Bible is not a legal document, and given it's message of tolerance, I would say it's anti gay stance is because it is 3000 years old. Or to say that " gay marriage destroys the institution of marriage". Marriage has never had a consistent meaning but analysis of it suggest that polygamy and divorce is our threat, especially with gay marriage witch would end up being 5 % of marriages in witch no way would stop straight marriages. Other arguments that I have viewed state that if we allow "gay marriage then people will begin to marry animals and objects and stuff of that nature" This to me say that the opponent is arguing against gay marriage because they are to lazy to argue against marriage in it's self. The difference being that two adults are more than capable of knowing and understanding what they are doing along with consenting to get married.

"It's unnatural." okay let me ask you this what makes you think anything humans have done over the past 400,000 years is natural? Humans have been winging it since before agriculture and revolution but what's really unnatural is being how slow our social evolution can get sometimes.The communities opinion should not matter and...

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