Should Girls Wrestle?

Topics: Wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling Pages: 4 (1629 words) Published: July 3, 2007
Should Girls Wrestle? Persuasive Essay By: Mr. Sherman, English 10, 6th Hour All over the nation girls are breaking records and beating guys in Wrestling. For an example, "in 2005 seventeen girls nation wide qualified for high school state championships" which required them to wrestle boys, (SI Page 2. Quote by Kent Bailo) Even with this some people don't think girls should wrestle for reasons such as girls aren't as dedicated , they can't produce enough testosterone so they have different muscle mass , they aren't as good , or other lame reasons. A lot of the reasons used are excuses, stereotypical and or false statements just for someone to be sexist. I believe that girls should be able to wrestle. First of all, the saying that girls are not dedicated is completely false, one of the girl wrestlers on our team is more dedicated then some of the guys. Not only does she go to almost every practice and meet, she always makes weight or is under, when she has only wrestled twice, because of availability of JV matches. Next, just because a girl doesn't produce as much testosterone as a guy and has a lower muscle mass doesn't mean that they can't compete, be as good as or better than the guys! Muscle mass is not the only factor that determines if your good or not. Chris Milder wrestled a guy earlier in the year with arms three times the size of his and Chris won. It all depends on other factors such as strategy, speed, coordination, talent and experience. It was the opponents first year of wrestling compared to Chris's minimum of four. Every year either the same girls or new girls prove that they can compete with guys over and over again, girls no longer want to sit behind a stat book with a pencil in their hand or sit on a pillow on the side of a mat in a short skirt and pom poms. They want to be out there in the action doing what they're good at rather than what people expect them to be good at. Look at the following girl wrestlers. Some examples of girls...

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