Should Girls Ask Guys Out

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Intro: Rhetoric the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques. It goes more into depth throughout the book, and actually covers the different aspects of it in chapters 1-19. Chapter 1 covers the basics of writing: the purpose, the audience, and the qualities of writing. Chapter 2 covers the different strategies for successful reading, whether it is orienting your reading, first, additional, and mastering reading problems. Chapter 3 talks about planning and drafting your paper, which further goes into depth about understanding the assignment, zeroing on a topic, gathering information, organizing the information to writing the first draft. Chapter 4 revising and editing your paper covers topics such as revising, selecting a title, collaborative writing, revising with a computer and maintaining a portfolio. In my post later this week I will go more into depth about each chapter. 

Post 2: Chapter 1 Writing: A first look
This chapter talks about the purpose of writing, the audience for your writing, and the qualities of good writing, writing and ethics. The purpose of writing has four major purposes, which are: to inform, persuade, and express yourself and to entertain. Besides those four major purposes of writing, the most important one is having a specific purpose. This helps define you audience, select the details, language, and approach that best fits and suits their needs. The ultimate purpose of all writing is to have an effect on a reader, and therefore purpose an audience are closely linked. Writing operates on a delayed-action fuse, detonating its ideas in the readers’ minds at a later time. The three qualities of good writing are: fresh thinking, a sense of style including the use of correct grammar and punctuations, and effective organization; help to ensure that a piece of prose will meet your reader’s expectations. Writing perceived as truthful should not be truthful....
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