Should Girls Ask Guys Out

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Yeah its ok why wouldnt it. Alot of girls ask out guys the only thing thats big thing for guys is guys suppose to propose first to a girl for marrige but other then that its whoever.

It is absolutely ok! I know girls who have asked their current boyfriends out and it was no big deal. To be honest, some guys would actually prefer the girl to ask (especially shy guys).

Traditionally guys do ask girls out, however in recent times gender roles have changed dramatically. If this guy says no to you and thinks its weird for you to ask him out then he must not have much respect for women anyways. Why date a guy like that? So just go for it! What do you have to lose?

Yes but I'd make sure he likes you first. Actually some guys prefer for girls tO make the first move!! OF COURSE!??! Why should it be any different for a girl to ask a guy out than a guy? Just because of american society it is "proper" for the guy to ask the girl out. That is stupid. If you like him why not? He may be the one that you let go because of your ego of i am a girl i can't do this. I think this is one of the stupidest things in the world. If you like someone you go after them. You don't let them slip through your fingers. And as a guy feeling threatened that is stupid. Sometimes guy's are just to shy you know? I mean come on why do the guy's really have to do ALL the work? don't let him slip by you There is nothing wrong with a girl asking a guy out. Guys are always the ones putting themselves on the line and asking the girl. U can do it to. The worst that could happen is that he says no. sorry im not a girl but i believe i can help you. A majority of the time a girl is NOT going to ask you out. I used to be a guy that went around and waited for girls to ask me out because i was too scared of being shot down. So you pretty much gotta go for it. Not to scare you but not every single girl is gonna say yes. you will be turned down, however you will also be with more girls if you take the chance too. It is very worth the trouble. As for how to know if a girl likes you, its hard to say. Girls are good at hiding their feelings. You can tell by very subtle signs. If you notice them stareing into your eyes alot and see their eyes slightly relaxed this may be a sign. If when you are alone and you notice her getting closer and closer to you this is a good sign. Yeap..girls ask guys out. Sometimes the guys are too shy themselves and we must take matters into our own hands!... Look at it this way..if you don't ask.. you already have your answer..NO.... but if you DO least you have a shot at getting a YES...

Not agree:
Don't ask him out, you'll seem a little on the pathetic side. No offense. How do you know he likes you? Did you hear it from someone or him? If you did hear it from someone, you can joke around with How to Make a Man Fall in Love with You

It’s easy to attract a guy and make him like you.
The hard part is knowing how to make a man fall in love with you. You don’t have to change yourself or pretend to be dumb just to make a man you like feel comfortable around you. If you really want to make a man fall in love with you, you need to understand men and their ways, and use it to your advantage. How to make a man fall in love

Use these ten tips and you’ll see how easy it can be to connect with a man and make him desire you. And what’s the best part? Well, you really don’t need to change a thing about yourself! #1 Dress attractively

Men are visual, and women know this better than anything else. When you’re out with the man you like, dress your best. If you see him grinning widely or taking discreet glances at your attire, you know you’ve hit the nail. But dressing attractively doesn’t just stop working its magic there. If he sees other men staring at you or admiring you, it’ll only make him desire you more. Men are extremely competitive when it comes to wooing women. Win the attention of other men in the room, and the man you like will...
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