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Should Examinations Be Abolished?

By kxtxxxkxt Sep 05, 2013 276 Words
Should examinations be abolished ?
First of all, I would like to say that I strongly disagree with the idea of abolishing exams even though they are troublesome for students and even teachers. Here are my reasons why examinations should not be abolished in schools.

Firstly, examinations are part and parcel of school. You come to study in schools. You want to know where you stand. You want to know how good or how bad you are at your academics. So, what is the use of going to school, studying but there is no exam to test you?

That brings me to my next point. Without the presence of examinations, students would be much more lazy. They would not feel the importance or even the need to study. They might drop out of school or not care about the slightest thing that concerns school. Students also would give up easily because there is not a need for them to understand something and be good at it. This not only affects the students. It affects the teachers, the parents, the community and the country.

If examinations are abolished, teachers would not feel the need to teach students until they understand a certain topic. It makes their work easier. But, for teachers who are committed in teaching, they would be getting a rough time trying to teach the students. These teachers would then feel they are not qualified for teaching. This would bring their morale down. This might even break their ambition.

In conclusion, abolishing examinations would have more negative impacts compared to positive impacts. So I stress my point, examinations should not be abolished in schools.

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