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Should Email Replace Face-to-Face Communications in Business?

By kellya6 Oct 11, 2008 304 Words
Considering how fast and easy it is, should e-mail replace meetings and other face-to-face communication in a company? Why or why not?

Ultimately and intuitively not. While email is great for speed and convenience, saves a lot of money in travel, has easy access for all and helps us touch base with many people, e-mail is not the better alternative to face-to-face communication within businesses.

You must utilize face-to-face communication. Without it you cannot effectively use email without conflict and miscommunication. (NY Times 2007) Face-to-face contact has a more lasting effect, gives you a personal connection and a richer quality of information. Where an email might end up unread in a full inbox, somehow vanished or just disregarded face-to-face communication gives everyone the benefit of body language and context. Especially in today’s diverse workforce, emails in lieu of face-to-face encounters can actually amplify problems instead of minimizing them. This is true particularly in communicating bad news. ( 2007)

Even though email is here to stay and it’s a great form of communication, you always have to consider your audience as you select the right medium. (Thill, 20007)


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