Should Black Men Around the World Be Placed on the Endangered Species List

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Should Black Men around the World Be Placed on the Endangered Species List? Larry T. Johnson
Ms. Diane Lee
Friday, March 12, 2010

We have developed the blood bank, created the automatic traffic signal and invented the gas mask that saved the lives of countless American men in World War I. However, under the World War I slogan “Making the World Safe for Democracy” black men were not allowed to join the Marines, Coast Guard or Air Force. We have created over three hundred different products derived from peanuts, one hundred from the use of sweet potatoes, and seventy-five from pecans. We have conceptualized the multiplex railway telegraph, which allowed messages to be sent from moving trains to railway stations. We have assisted in leading Thomas A. Edison’s research team in the development of the electric light bulb. We constructed a device that allowed machines to be lubricated while they are in operations. We have been some of the most noble kings and queens in history (Michael, P2). We have survived slavery, mass genocides, civil wars, theorized and actual government plots. From slave cuffs to presidential cuffs, the strength and abilities presented by black individuals around the world is astounding. Despite all odd, statistics and stereo types here in the United States and around the globe African Americans continue to prove as a people, no matter the circumstance they have the ability to overcome any issue. Its just a theory but, in order to protect the male African American populations should black men around the world be placed on the endangered species list?

Although it is clear that African Americans have great success, as with any culture there are great failures. In the United States African American Males make up 13.5 present of the population (AP, P49). On the other hand forty-three percent all murder victims in 2007 where African Americans. Within the subset of African American violence 93.1 percent of document deaths were males. Between the age ranges of 15 to 24, African American Men have been victims of violent crimes that include, robbery, self destructive acts, simple to aggravated assault, gang violence, and police brutality (AP, P26). Could these issues be connected to the root cause of the extinction of black men around the world? Some believe that African American men are on a self destructive path. While others think we are being killed in this notorious circle of retrogression into slaver.

What is an endangered species? A species population of organisms with the risk of becoming extinct of falling birth rates and growing death rates, or being threatened by the changing environmental or predation parameters. Only few Although at this time currently The International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) does not have any human subsets listed on the endangered species list, the concept of the IUCN is to protect species from potentially becoming extinct without gaining public notice. Many factors are reviewed when accessing the conservation status of the list, just because the numbers of remaining are high isn’t just a key indicator. The overall increase and decreases in population overtime, known threats and so forth. Internationally, over one hundred countries have agreed to create biodiversity action plans to protect threatened and endangered species (David, P15). The endangered species list however does include a policy on species maintaining and captive breeding programs. This area of the program would need to be modified, captive breeding program does not apply to humans as they have free will.

Arguments have been made that self destructive acts are the primary reason for the down fall of the African American community. At Fengler High School located in Chicago, student Darrion Albert a 16 year old black honor student was knocked to the grown by a blow to the head with a railroad tie. He was kicked,...

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