African American Male Dropout Rate

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The Plight
African-American Males

Staheen Murray

Empire State College

College Writing
Lisa Mastrangelo
April 20, 2011

The issue amongst this group is the dropout rate that has affected this group in epidemic proportions. Due to oppression discrimination and racism the African American in America is still struggling for meritocracy today. With the of lack of education, poverty and imprisonment, the Black male is now being considered an endangered species. With the lack of education, poverty and imprisonment, The Black male is now being considered an endangered species.  According to the Bossip staff (2009), “Nearly one in four young, black, male high school dropouts are incarcerated or institutionalized on an average day.  A new study by Northwestern University shows that about one in every 10 young male high school dropouts is in jail or juvenile detention, compared with the slim one in 35 young male high school graduates.”  Another study suggested that discrimination in the school districts across the nation has had a negative effect on African- American adolescents, boy and girls. “ explore the direct relationships of African American adolescents' beliefs about the meaning of being black (racial ideological beliefs) and their experiences of racial discrimination with engagement in schools” (Smalls, White, Chavous & Sellers, (2007).

Many of the articles that I have chosen to address this topic agreed that the plight of the African- American male is linked directly to discrimination in the school system which is preceded by poverty and incarceration.  According to Whatever it Takes (2005), “Nationally, only about two-thirds of all students who enter 9th grade graduate with regular high school diplomas four years later.  For minority males, these figures are far lower.  In 2001, on average, 72% of female students, but only 64% of male students graduated.  African American students had a graduation rate of 50%, the lowest of racial and ethnic groups identified; the other student groups graduated at the following rates:  American Indians, 51%; Latino, 53%; White, 75%; and Asian and Pacific Islander, 77%.”  According to Dr. Bell (2010), Twenty-six percent of the participants dropped out of school because of academic factors such as “schoolwork being too hard and not liking the teacher.”   More recent research determined that the above data has not improved much for the better, if anything the crisis is still an area of concern.  According to the Scott 50 State Report (2010), “…Black Males in Public Education reveals that the overall 2007/8 graduation rate for Black males in the U.S. was only 47 percent.”  Another finding of the Schott foundation (2010), suggests, “Overall, each year over 100, 00 Black male students in New York city alone do not graduate from high school with their entering cohort.  These statistics- and other alarming data in this fourth biennial report- point to a national education and economic crisis.”             Economically, African Americans males are suffering tremendously.  According to Bossip (2010). “The National Unemployment Rate for African-American males 16-24 years old has reached Great Depression proportions...unemployment in Washington D.C. Home to many black men, rose to 11.9 percent from 11.4 percent.”  Other studies support this information but on a psychological level, there have been reports that suggest that African Americans as a whole suffer from a form of (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  According to Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary (2006), African- American people suffer from (PTSS) Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.  “Racism erodes our very humanity.  No one can be truly liberated while living under the weight of oppression...” (Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, 2006).              Oppression, discrimination, and racism have plagued a whole race of people but have had an undoubtedly more...
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