Should Australia Become a Republic

Topics: Constitutional monarchy, Monarchy, Commonwealth realm Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Persuasive Speech
In 1999, Australia voted in a referendum that would have made our country a republic. The proposal was defeated, as the way the republic was to be run was unclear, as well as a large campaign by then Prime Minister John Howard and other significant monarchist groups. Australia should become a republic, and elect our own head of state to replace the Queen and the Governor General. Why should we do this? Because the values of the monarchy, and of hereditary power, clash completely with the values of democracy, and elected power- the values of Australia. Also, having a British monarch as our head of state does nothing to show the importance of multiculturalism, and doesn’t show our full identity. Finally, we are own country, and we have our own leaders who can represent us on the world stage. However, many monarchists believe that if we were to become a republic, it would lead to the head of state gaining too much power. However, we have a constitution that will protect from allowing too much power to one person. I will now begin my first argument. The Queen is a symbol of hereditary power, decided by birth. In Australia, we all have a belief that every child born is equal, and that anyone can rise to a position of power if they deserve it. So why should our head of state be someone that was born into the role if our values usually wouldn’t allow it? Becoming the head of the British monarchy requires you to be of noble birth, and be of a certain religion. David Donovan, head of the republican group Independent Australia, said in 2009, “The British Monarchy is inequitable and undemocratic… what examples are we setting to our children saying that life is based on hard work and talent… if the highest job in the land goes to the firstborn male.” Any Australian should have a chance to be our head of state through hard work and effort. Why are we denying them that chance? Now for my second argument. Australia is not just a British colony anymore....
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