Short Summary of the movie The Mist

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Short Summary of the movie The Mist
After a storm in the town Maine, David Drayton drives from his lakeside house with his son Billy and his neighbour, Brent Norton, to the supermarket to get supplies. On the way, they see a heavy mist, and later, they see military convoys, police, and ambulances heading into it. In the supermarket, a frantic local arrives crying that there is something alive in the mist. The manager closes the front entrance but the mist encloses the store. The Christian woman Mrs Carmody preaches the Apocalypse. Soon the group discovers that they are under siege by bloodthirsty creatures from another dimension. The crazy Mrs Carmody has many followers and starts to make dangerous speeches. Absent any alternatives, a small group led by David decides to take a chance, leave the supermarket, and get to his car, hoping to escape the mist.

___________________________________________________________________________________________ Mrs Carmody
Mrs Carmody is a god-fearing, Christian woman. She’s extremely religious and carries the bible with her everywhere. She has convinced her self and she’s trying to convince the other people in the supermarket to believe that it’s judgement day. She’s trying to convince the other people by reading out sentences from the bible that describes the situation they are experiencing. For example she reads out loud “And out of the smoke locusts came down on the earth and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth.” She says this while enormous grasshoppers are sitting on the window of the supermarket. She uses the words from the bible to manipulate and affect the other people in the supermarket. The other people start to obey her, and start believing her. It’s like she uses god as a strategy to manipulate the other. Mrs Carmody is very unstable, and afraid. She transfers her fear to the other, by describing and predicting what’s going to happen. Ollie kills her in the end of the movie....
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