Summary About the Movie "Pure"

Topics: Family, Father, Mother Pages: 2 (328 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Summary #4
Birth: After Paul’s father died, Paul became the man of the household where he took care of his brother and mother.

Call to Adventure: Paul started making his moms “medicine”, not knowing it was a drug she was addicted too.

Helper’s/Amulet: The waitress and Vicky talks to Paul and coaches him in a way that only a grown man would understand. He felt somewhat safe around them.

Crossing the Threshold: Paul got beat up by a kid who called his mother a “junkie.” He finds out his mom is in fact a junkie just like Vicky and the waitress and becomes curious.

Test: Paul finds out his mom is indeed a junkie. Not long after taking vickies daughter home Vicky was dead from overdosing on heroin

Helper’s: The waitress is there for Paul when he needs her for comfort, she’s a friend to him.

Climax/The final Battle: After Paul fights with his mom about what she was doing and how he didn’t like it, she said that she was going to seek help so eventually she could stop using heroin.

Flight: Paul felt as though he needed to get the person off the streets that was supplying hi mom so Paul set the supplier up. While his mom was getting help Paul and his brother was put away to social services where there grandma and grandpa cared for them.

Return: Paul was interested in what everybody surrounding him was doing so he tried heroin which then really triggered his mom to stop using it herself.

Elixer: Paul knew that that life wasn’t for him so he never did heroin again. Knowing it was addictive to his mother he stuck by her side while she recovered, he had faith in her.

Home: Everything was over Paul and his brother returned to his mother after a tough decision. Melanie was doing much better. Paul felt better knowing he got his moms supplier off the streets.
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