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Topics: Ku Klux Klan, Reconstruction era of the United States, United States Constitution Pages: 4 (1206 words) Published: March 31, 2014
In what ways Reconstruction both a success and a failure? Reconstruction result was a success in a way that the North and the South union to become The United State of America as well as African Americans received their freedom. Thirteen Amendment ended slavery for Black Southerners. There was around 4 millions slaves became freedmen in America. Freedmen now can not only have legal marriage but also receive “Families in freedom” which they could keep track of the family (GML, 549). Moreover, the black men finally received citizenship and guaranteed black suffrage by the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendment respectively (GML 565, 567). Black men also participated in every level of government and senators by supporting of the Freedmen’s Bureau and Federal registration. Education was provided to everyone, especially for the black Southerner “the next best thing to liberty” (GML, 550); there was an expanding of churches and schools during the Reconstruction. On the contrary, it was also a failure that “Blacks and the meaning of freedom” (GML, 548) was not yet obtained. The freedom was actually not equality because the blacks still suffered a lot from Black Codes, Sharecropping, Jim Craw’s legal segregation and threats from Ku Klux Klan aftermath. The reconstruction was a first failure of misgovernment. Due to the replacement for death of Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson ruined the concept of liberty. Lands was taken over by the government and given to the White. Sharecropping legally applied and that actually slow down the economy of the South since it was based on agriculture and African American were the main labor “…because no land distribution took place, the vast majority of rural freed people remained poor and without property during Reconstruction” (VOF, 5). The Black men had to suffer poverty and debt from share cropping and as well as many restrictions from the Black Codes “The Black Codes indicated how the white South would regulate black freedom if given a...
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