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Topics: Retailing, Online shopping, Electronic commerce Pages: 1 (448 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Nowadays, along with the development of e-commerce and human’s knowledge about computer, shopping online has become increasingly popular. The results show that 45 per cent actively recommending products on shopping sites. However, there are those people who still prefer traditional shopping as shopping in a mall or supermarket… Easily seen shopping online give us much things more convenient than others. With an online shopping mall, you never have to worry about the crowds at weekend, gunning for a parking spot, or where you're going to leave the kids so you can buy their holiday gifts. Actually, an online store is open 24 hours every day. You can shop after the kids have gone to bed; or even as you are doing housework. Additionally you can select from a wide range without hassle by clicking your mouse in browsing the different product. With the same products, you can get lower prices or percent off for discount because they don't have the overhead of renting a stall in a mall, high electric bills, and a seller. Moreover, you will not carry any load or weight for the items you purchased, just wait to be delivered. Nevertheless, some of drawback are you can’t see, touch or test the product before you decide to buy them. There's a risk that it might be defective, but you can read product reviews, user opinions, or manufacturer specs for electric products. As a result, some customers are very disappointed after they received products which it looks different with pictures on catalogues. Similarly with shopping online, the customers go to the shopping mall to get products with more secure feeling. They can see and check what they want to buy. Then, you can negotiate with seller to get best price. With a receipt, you can easily return, exchange and use the warranty. Furthermore, paying by cash or banking card is your choice. However, you must carry what you buy also you must drive to store or mall where you want to buy. Depending on store size, your selection may be...
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