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Shopping is a necessity for everyone whether you enjoy it or not. One can really enjoys shopping when we get what we want but if he or she could not find the things that we would like to purchase, the shopping experience might also be very stressful and annoying. When someone go shopping at a store, together with a pleasant and knowledgeable salesperson can make one's shopping experience enjoyable. Unfortunately, the general quality of salesmanship in retail stores in today's environment is deteriorating. Due to the high costs today onward, most stores could not afford to give a better services or courses for their sales staff.

Online shopping is a new culture and it is an acceptable activity in view of the busy schedules everyone have. Whether for a housewife or for a career person , time has become the most valuable thing ever. For teenagers or senior shoppers, transportation and for sure unlimited times often is the biggest matter to think about. Therefore, online shopping has filled a need. When you buy a product or a service over the internet, instead of going to a traditional brick-and-mortar store, it is called online shopping. People buying over the internet are increasing because it is more convenient. So, no wonder that the impressive increasing rate for online shopping had go over than shopping malls. As a new culture gives out by the internet, online shopping is still unfamiliar to the majority of shoppers.

Not every shopper has the same shopping 'Philosophy'. Some is really convenience of shopping online and let the mouse do the shopping. Some find the easy comparison shopping available online because usually online shopping mart can easily provide objective comparisons. Some enjoy the bargain hunting to get the lowest price for getting highest satisfaction with the lowest price but there are also some people trying to get the highest price for the things that they love because they will...
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