Shinee Facts

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SHINee Facts ♥

•Key gets angry when the members doesn’t eat his food
•According to the other four, the most ignorant person is Taemin. •The members once called Minho, “MEANHO”.
•If they had to pick a member as a girlfriend, onew jonghyun minho and taemin would all choose key. •All the SHINee members thinks that Key will be the first one to get married. •All the members like jessica’s(SNSD) littile “HAH” part in gee. •Key believes that he has a very good memory.

•Among all SHINee members, Onew trained the longest.
•Taemin thinks that people ultimately do what they wanna do. •Onew, Minho and Taemin used to share one bedroom, while Jonghyun and Key share another. •Minho thinks that the most important for girls are their personalities and the pretty appearance. •After they practiced, Taemin stays behind to practice some more. •Jonghyun likes to have some exercises because he takes care of his body. •When Onew had to compare himself to an animal, he picked penguin. He likes penguins. •SHINee members thinks that Minho looks best without make up. •SHINee especially likes it when the fans makes GIFs of them. •Because Minho and Taemin never cried as much as the other members, KEY calls them “kids with no emotions” •“I receive a lot of snacks and yogurt that have nearly the same name as me.” – Onew •Minho thinks that Taemin is older than him when they met for the first time. •The first thing Key does when he wakes up in the morning is checking his cellphone and iPod. •For SHINee, hiccuping is a “NO-NO”.

•If Taemin had to choose a fav. body part, he would pick all of them, because they’re from his parents. •Onew likes girls with long fingers.
•Q: “How many girl group dances that you can dance?” Key: “There’s no limit. Show me once, I can do it.” •Taemin learned Japanese by watching ‘One Piece’.
•Onew said that when Jonghyun started to cry, he’ll cry the whole day. •Taemin really likes horror movie.
•Taemin likes holding hands.
•Taemin would treat his girl like a princess.
•Key can draw very well.
•Key is easy to prank.
•All the members of SHINee using Blackberry phone except maknae Taemin, he not allowed to use blackberry phone. •Key has the biggest feet.
•Jonghyun always ask Taemin to watch Toy Story.

Salamander Guru (Minho is acting on this show)
Minho would often go shirtless in the dorm. Key hates it. He especially hates it when Minho would eat breakfast like that.

There was a girl that Key cared for while at he was at school, but she had a boyfriend. She would often show off what her boyfriend got her to Key, and he hated it. Jonghyun said that maybe she was hinting at him that he should buy her something better. 

2MinKey will have an “Oppa Has Arrived” special stage on MBC 2011 Music Festival. 

Taemin always loses the things he collects every time he starts a collection, so he has given up on collecting stuff altogether. 

If Minho doesn’t see any missed calls or messages in his phone when he gets up, he will be disappointed. 

Key is interested in 天装戦隊ゴセイジャー (Tensou Sentai Goseiger - anime) because the vocabulary is very easy to understand since it’s targeted towards children. He says that it’s good for learning Japanese. 

When Key gets nervous, his voice suddenly changes to a higher pitch. It’s not like he’s trying to act cute. It just happens.

Minho says that Key will occasionally speak at a higher pitch just to act cute. Taemin says that it’s cute.

Onew finds it cute when other members creep up behind him to watch him when he plays a game.

Recently, Onew feels like he has sixth sense to predict when it will rain. 

According to Minho, Jonghyun has grown older but he has gotten more and more cute .
What Jonghyun’s been learning in Japanese: “Our dog is cute. On my leg, he pees.” 

According to Minho and Jonghyun, Key will get married first, but Taemin will have a baby earlier than Key. 

Minho was always late in class, back in high school.

There was one time in...
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