Integrated Marketing Communications Case Study: Killiney Kopitiam, Singapore

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Group members : Kelvin Khor (31659593) Clement Chan (31687481) Tracy Ong (31704842) Wai Yian Ching, Fiona (31689822)



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Introduction IMC Model

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Stage one: advertising 1.3.1 1.3.2 1.3.3 1.3.4 Ambient Underground advertising Internet advertising Advertising through magazine

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Stage two: conversations 1.4.1 1.4.2 1.4.3 1.4.4 Direct mail Store cards Vouchers Consumer trade shows

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Stage three: experiential 1.5.1 1.5.2 Event sponsorship Editorial

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Stage four: personal Financial Analysis 1.7.1 Budgeting 1.7.2 Breaking Even 1.7.3 Alternatives

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1.1 Introduction Killiney has been stagnant with regards to its brand image, identity and sales. It has not been fully utilizing and emphasizing on its rich culture and good old traditional meals to the public. Killiney wishes to expand to Europe, America and Asia creating more outlets but before entering the foreign market, Killiney needs to sort some of their issues out and seal their loopholes so that at the very end, it will be less risky and can obtain better economic benefits. Some of the issues that Killiney faces are their competitors, shop location, brand awareness and store layout. It also lacks of standardization, the menu at the main outlet and its franchise outlets is different. The franchise outlets menu currently has more food choices. Its competitors such as Toast Box and Ya Kun are getting more response due to understanding today’s consumer modern thinking and how they come up with different new ways to cater to the consumers. For example, Toast Box and Ya Kun, aesthetically, look more presentable and pleasant as to Killiney. They have made their ‘Kopitiam’ style more unique and modern through their furnishings and furniture. These alone, made it more welcoming and created a cozy environment for all consumers. However, they did not only focus on aesthetics alone. Their history, traditions and identity were also designed together with the touch of aesthetics. Their outlets were designed in a way that it emits a nostalgia feeling that connects and educate consumers to their rich history. The look of the shop, the cups and teaspoons they use, the posters and prints they hang, the menus, the traditional meals they offer and the smell of coffee, tea and toasted kaya bread has all been carefully thought and planned out during the design process. Toastbox is heavily funded by BreadTalk Group Limited where is owns not only Toastbox but other food chains such as Din Tai Fung, Food Republic and BreadTalk as well. Due to the fact that Toastbox is heavily funded, it can do more in terms of marketing efforts and spending more money on enhancing its awareness and image.   3


Killiney also faces indirect competitors such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Although these cafes don’t necessarily offer the same products on the menu as Killiney, these cafes does harm to Killiney by drawing away potential customers and crowds. This is because cafes like Starbucks and Coffee Bean are easily accessible and stores are designed well to attract customers. In addition, Killiney’s shop locations play a big part in the issue of low influx of customers. The various shop locations of killiney are located near other hawker centres and food stalls where customers can choose to go instead of Killiney. This will pose as a threat to killiney because these hawker centres and food stalls are Killiney’s threats and competitors. Also, Killiney does not have sufficient store outlets to make itself available to customers. Compared to its competitors such as ToastBox, Killiney’s amount of store outlets is not comparable. Lastly, Killiney’s brand awareness can use a little boost. This is because Killiney’s current brand awareness is not sufficient for customers to want to visit Killiney for a...
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