Sherlock Holmes

Topics: Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler, A Scandal in Bohemia Pages: 3 (1357 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Holmes Essay
As we start to talk and discuss mystery and its elements today, we will analyze what mystery really means. Now how we define mystery is something that is very different from person to person. In our opinions a good mystery novel is something that gives us a crime or murder or something in a sense where we are given clues , people connected to the situation somehow and the main objective is to figure out “Who done it and why.” That’s where the mystery comes in the story, and it is to figure out and explain why something was done and provide a motive for why someone would do it. Now Sherlock Holmes is a very familiar name in mystery books. We all know him as “The Detective” to solve mysteries. What makes Sherlock Holmes is the way he goes about solving these mysteries and how he does it by combining logic, evidence, a person’s motives to solve mysteries and what makes Sherlock Holmes books even more interesting is that we “the readers” get to do it right along with him. Now as time goes by and times change and things become more modernized characters will typically change, which is the case in this essay. In 1887 is when Sherlock Holmes was introduced and over those years there have been 4 major novels and as many as 56 short novels that have revolved around him and the mysteries that he has solved. Now in 2013 there have been many shows and movies that have also been focused around Sherlock Holmes but how has these TV shows, movies and the most important factor time changed this character all together? Many will argue that the movies portray a more action type of Holmes instead of mystery character. In the comparisons and differences I have come up with from watching the new movies based on the modernized Holmes and short stories based on the old Holmes I will point out the most obvious qualities I picked up from each Holmes. The differences between the old Holmes and modern day Holmes shows how the story is somewhat altered from its well known...
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