The Hound of the Baskervilles: Holmes' Observant Mind

Topics: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Jeremy Brett Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: December 23, 2013
The Hound of the Baskervilles

The main protagonist, Sherlock Holmes is an observant, intelligent, and egotistic detective. He sometimes lacks the empathy needed in basic human relationships but manages to maintain a close friendship with his partner and roommate, Dr. John Watson. Also Holmes is able to understand the factor of human emotions in a crime

A glimpse of Holmes’ observant mind can be seen as early as the first chapter when Holmes and Dr. Watson are in their home office. Dr. Watson examines a cane that has been left behind by an unknown visitor. With his back turned to Watson and no prior knowledge of what he is doing Holmes asks what he thinks of the cane, completely surprised and caught off guard, Watson says that Holmes must “have eyes in the back of his head”. Holmes admits that he observed his actions through the reflection of the coffee maker. Another example occurs when he is examining the letter that was received by Sir Henry. From his close inspection he is able to conclude that the person who sent the letter is someone familiar with Sir Henry, and that the person is well educated.

His intelligence can be seen after hearing Dr. Watson’s conclusion of the cane and it’s owner that he had gathered from his examination. Holmes congratulates Watson, which is warmly received, but goes on to contradict everything that he had said. Upon his close scrutiny of the cane, he is able to conclude that the owner is country practitioner from the wear on it, that the initials, “C.C.H.”, stood for “Caring Cross Hospital”. He assumes that the cane was a gift upon the owner’s retirement from the hospital, and that he had moved to the country to continue his practice. This little display is a prime example of his great intelligence.

Because of his great abilities, Holmes is a world-renowned detective. This title is something that causes Holmes to be a little conceited. One of his greatest abilities is his observation, which sometimes passes off...
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