Sharp Printing

Topics: Management, Project management, Senior management Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: November 10, 2014
Assignment # 4 Question 1
Sharp Printing Case study
****************************************************************************** Sharp Printing, AG‘s strategic management group set a goal to design and sell a color laser printer for $200. This case study talks about the time constraints, resources management, risk associated and actions needed for this project. Lauren is the project manager and has a team of three, Connor from marketing, Kim from production, and Gage from design to help her decide how to accomplish this project successfully. Decision of top management has given her two tough constraints of time and cost. She is uncomfortable with the estimates and according to her one of these areas will have to be reevaluated and allotted either more time or more finances. Part 1.

Change scope: I believe that scope of project is very well defined, hence changing the scope would not have much impact on the cost and time of the project. Outsourcing the technology: outsourcing can have a positive impact on cost as well time but the problem associated is having a possibility of leak of company designs by the competitors. Use of priority matrix: If I were a project manager, $200 for this new technology printer is unrealistic. I would ask top management to give priority matrix and clarify their views on currently defined time and cost estimates. Partner with another organization or build a research consortium: this will help share the financial burden of project with another company but then company will also have to share the intellectual property, technology, profit. Cancel a project: this may not look like a viable option as many people are excited about the project and top management consider it doable. But in actual this case was developed from a real situation where the project was cancelled because of cost and advanced technology. I believe that the best course of action to take would be to use the priority matrix to find out what top management...
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