MGT2 Task3

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MGT2 Task 3
Task A: Addendum to the Risk Assessment Matrix:
Description of Risks Impact Likelihood of Occurrence (L,M,H) Degree of Impact (L,M,H) Initial Action to Take if Event Occurs Team Member Responsible Strategies for Prevention and Mitigation
Widespread security breach due to unauthorized access to sensitive customer information Negative publicity of the company and loss of credibility in the eyes of existing and potential customers impacting overall business M H Take immediate action to tighten security including all employee access to customer sensitive information Ben
Malinda Identify and install the latest security software on all telecommuters' PCs and enforce strict rules for information access including password policy management.
Document Server integration challenges The setup of the environment for the Telecommuters would be delayed M M Troubleshoot remotely to identify the root of the integration issue Jackson The repetitive process of installation and setup of the document servers can be potentially scripted and semi-automated to minimize error and reduce time taken.
Technical challenges such as power failure and internet connection outages The setup of the environment for the Telecommuters would be delayed if either power or internet connection were impacted L M Guidelines can cover instructions to move on to the next computer to setup and return to the remote PC with power or internet challenges later. Phoebe To prevent and mitigate this risk, the telecommuter PCs can be staged and setup in the Xemba Translations office before shipping to the remote location. In the long term budget can be allocated for individual battery backup for the remote PCs
Delay in completion of the Telecommuting Expansion project Inadequate resources available to address the increased customer need causing negative publicity of the company. H H Increase the project team size to catch up and speed up progress reducing potential for any further schedule

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