Shaka Zulu

Topics: Shaka, Zulu, South Africa Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: February 19, 2007
I'm going to you on a trip of about 1,200 kilometers around the Zulu Nation. Everywhere there were empty skulls of a people driven off their land. Farm homes without windows, windows without curtains, gardens overgrown and dying, staff quarters empty and lifeless. Old farm equipment, rusting in the broken down shed, hungry cattle alone, because there parents had to be slaughter to produce poultry. Vultures having a feast day, like it is thanksgiving. The greatest Zulu leader in history, Shaka Zulu, often known as the Napoleon of African history, was responsible. Long ago, in 1789, in the rolling green hills of Zululand, a Zulu woman called Nandi gave birth to an unwanted child named Shaka Zulu. The name Shaka means parasite or simply bastard. (Fisher) The child's father, Senzangakona, from the clan of Zulu, wanted nothing to do with them, because tribal elders sent a message to Nandi saying "the girl has a beetle in her belly". When Shaka was six years old he allowed a dog to kill one of Senzangakona's sheep and from that day forth, Shaka and Nandi were cast out by the Zulu clan. (Cawthore 112-113) In shame, they were forced to return to the clan of Nandi's family. He showed extraordinary bravery in protecting the animals under his care, and one day killed a leopard single handedly using two throwing spears and a club. (Van 251-254) By the time Shaka reached adulthood, he was angry and bitter, bloodthirsty for the people who outcast him and his mother out of the clan. At about the age of sixteen, He joined the warrior force of chief Diniswayo who ruled the Zulu's. Shaka proved to be an excellent military strategist and introduced changes in battle methods that were to be a great success. Dingiswayo was a good leader of his people, and under his wing, Shaka grew into a rich and important person. Shaka learned military tactics while proving his bravery in numerous engagements. When Shaka's father died in 1816, Shaka's young half-brother, Sugujana became chief....
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