3.2 world history

Topics: Africa, 1st millennium, Centuries Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: November 23, 2014
Name: Alison Barrett
School: Forest High School
Teacher: Mr. Josvai
Assessment 3.02
Imagine you have just completed a trip through the early kingdoms and city-states of East, Central, and South Africa. Your family and friends ask you about the trip. Your task is to give them an oral history of your experience. You may choose to write your account, record it, or make a video. Remember, your family and friends will share your story and pass it on to future generations, like oral historians in Africa. Make it fascinating! No one wants to hear a boring story. PARAGRAPH 1: Explain at least one important political, one social, and one economic feature you observed in each of the three places you visited. Write, or speak with a natural narrative voice, as if telling a story to a friend. Use complete sentences to express your ideas, and make sure that your explanations are thorough by providing details from the lesson. At least five complete sentences. Great Zimbabwe

I start my journey of my trip through the kingdoms and city-states of Africa today. I start out in Great Zaimbabwe in Southern Africa. Great Zimbabwe, the ruined city near Lake Mutirikwe and the town of Masvingo, close to the Chimanimani Mountains, along with the Chipinge District. Great Zimbabwe was seen as a place was seen as an important symbol of achievement for Africans, and regaining the history was a major aim for those seeking a majority rule. In 1980, the internationally recognized independent country was renamed for the site, and its famous soapstone bird carvings were retained from the Rhodesian flag and Coat of Arms as a national symbol and depicted in the new Zimbabwean flag. Later in 1980 it officially became the modern state it is today. I also learned that in 1350, Great Zimbabwe was a center for gold trade. Local people told me that people from across the southern Africa brought gold to the Great Zimbabwe. The city didn’t really have a social structure, it was just classes of rich and...
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